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Y&R Recap: Through hypnosis, Ashley finally discovers why her alters despise Tucker, just before she is attacked by Martin.

Thurs June 6, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Alan and Traci assist Ashley in processing the night she spent with Martin. Wednesday’s recap: Sally is shocked to walk in on Chelsea […]

Thurs June 6, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Alan and Traci assist Ashley in processing the night she spent with Martin.

Wednesday’s recap: Sally is shocked to walk in on Chelsea and Adam together. Mamie apologizes for causing trouble, and Devon expresses his desire to buy her shares.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 6. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In Paris, Traci sleeps while Ashley drinks more coffee to stay awake. Alan tells her she’s fortunate to have such a loving sibling.


They admire Traci’s unwavering support for Ashley. However, Ashley is concerned she’s overextending herself.

Alan cautions that running on exhaustion and adrenaline is risky, urging her to get some rest.


She refuses to risk falling asleep and the alters taking over.

He reminds her that could still happen while she’s awake. She worries she could lose control at any moment.


He’s sure she is getting stronger because it has been awhile since teh alters appeared at all.

He reminds her of how much progress she has made.

She admits she’s afraid to find out what happened.

Alan urges her to get rest so they can start fresh with Traci by her side.


She couldn’t sleep after learning his brother is a sociopath. She’s sure this is hard on him to after all he went through with his brother.

Alan didn’t think he would see him again. Knowing how dangerous Martin can be convinces him of how bad this could be.

He’s sorry that his brother had access to her thanks to him.

They sit and she prompts him for the next step. When she hears about hypnosis, she asks if it could work for her.


He warns that it can be risky. “Let’s do this,” she insists.

When he cautions her again, she continues to insist.

Alan has her take some deep breaths and then counts back from ten.


When he hits one, he asks her to picture meeting Martin in the bar.

As she starts to recall sitting and ordering wine before calling him, Traci silently enters and sits in the corner.

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Ashley recalls how happy she was to see Martin thinking it was him. They caught up and she told him about Tucker.

It all felt comfortable.


Alan pushes for precise details and she says Martin whispered something to her but she can’t make it out.

He gets her to screen out the surrounding sound and she recalls Martin telling her he had a piece of art for her to see.


Alan brings her out of it and she announces he wanted to show her art and they left.


Ashley insists they go to his townhouse right now. She’s sure she will remember there.

She notices that Tucker called and left a message. She listens to it and explains that he’s in Paris and ran into Alan, who ignored him.


Alan never saw him. They guess it might have been Martin.

Ashley calls Tucker and demands to know how he knew she was there. Jack told him.


She quizzes him about seeing Alan. He tells her that Alan didn’t seem to know him.

Abruptly, she tells him he didn’t see Alan and hangs up.


Alan had had PIs looking for his brother for two years without luck.

Seeing how upset her sister is, Traci suggests they wait but Ashley wants to get this done.

Alan urges her to be her own priority and wait.

“I need to do this and I need to do it now,” says Ashley.


The three of them go to Alan’s townhouse. He has never been there with Ashley before.


She immediately recognizes a painting on the wall.

When she asks to be hypnotized again, he urges her to remember naturally.


As she flashes back to brandies with Martin, she hears something. Alan rushes off to investigate.


Traci’s nerves are frayed and it’s taking all of Ashley’s energy to focus.

Her sister is in awe and has complete faith in her.

As Ashley stares at the painting, she says something has shifted.

The voices in her head aren’t as loud as before.


Traci is sorry she’s had to face all of this bit she’s stayed focused and determined.

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Ashley tells her not to give her too much credit. Traci’s reassurance is keeping her grounded.

Looking at the sofa, Ashley flashes back to discussing Tucker with Martin there.

He told her that she was diminishing Tucker’s violence.


Alan returns and says there’s no sign that anyone has been in the apartment since he was out of the city.

She explains that Martin called her “his subject” and urged her to think of what Tucker did as violence.

None of this is a surprise to Alan. His brother knew his notes and thought he had more insight than he did.


Alan admits Martin made him have doubts about how he treats his patients. He worries that he hurt his brother more than helped.

They think he’s being too hard on himself.

Alan suggests they try hypnosis again. Traci points out he advises against that a moment ago.

Ashley is eager to do it. He puts her under.


She recalls him suggesting they use role play to relive her confrontation so she could see Tucker for who he is.

He suggested they recreate the fight but put the power in her hands.


When she comes to, Traci thinks they should stop but her sister still refuses.


Traci warns that she needs to stay strong and ready for what’s ahead.

Ashley remains determined and Alan backs this up, saying they need to push on.

He promises Traci that her sister is in good hands.


He puts Ashley under again, but as he starts, the alter in her head stops her. Miss Abbott is trying to take over and tells her she’s too weak.

Alan urges her to fight it and holds Traci back. He pushes her to see this through and Miss Abbott keeps saying he’s lying.

Alan tells her the alters are scared because she’s getting closer to the truth.


The buzzing in her head stops and she thinks they are gone.

Alan asks Traci to make some strong coffee.

She begs her sister to stop but Ashley won’t stop.

He tells Traci that he knows she means well but her presence could be impeding her sister’s progress. Ashley insists she’s certain about this.

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Once Traci exits, Miss Abbott tries to stop this again and Alan pushes her to fight.

If they stop now, they could lose everything.

Ashley yells at Miss Abbott to go.

Once she’s silent, Ashley says she doesn’t know how much time she has.


Since she can’t remember recreating the fight, he suggests they re-enact it as vividly as they can.

They sit on the sofa and he gets her to close her eyes and go back in time.


She flashes back to re-enacting the argument with Martin playing Tucker.

He tells her to see Tucker’s rage and see him kicking the hair and breaking the glass.

He says that Tucker wanted to control and punish her.

She flashes back to her memories of Tucker yelling at her. Martin urges her to change the narrative and fight back so she can take back her power.


She’s so strong and beautiful and Tucker couldn’t see what he had.

He can be the better version of Tucker and she will never have to fear again. He can give her all she wants and needs.

As she recalls kissing Martin, she snaps out of it and tells Alan that she blended Tucker and Martin together in her head. After that, it’s a blank.


Were the alters just protecting her from Martin’s violence all alone.


“Well done. I knew I could do it. Crack the code. Solve the riddle,” he says.


She’s confused. He explains that his brother always thought he knew best, but she’s just proved that he does.

If she can figure that out, she will be his favorite subject.

She realizes that he’s Martin.

When she tries to run, he grabs her.


Back in his hotel room, Tucker plays Ashley’s call over in his head and wonders what’s going on before heading out.


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