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B&B Recap: Li is horrified while Bill, Luna, and Poppy are overjoyed when the paternity test confirms that Bill is Luna’s father.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy is baffled by her father’s decision, Katie is stunned to learn that Bill has a daughter, and Hope accuses Steffy of […]

Wednesday, June 5, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy is baffled by her father’s decision, Katie is stunned to learn that Bill has a daughter, and Hope accuses Steffy of attempting to push the Logans out.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Bill, Luna, and Poppy eagerly await the paternity test results, while Hope pushes Brooke to put an end to Steffy’s control over Forrester.

At Bill’s place, Li holds the paternity test results in her hands. Bill, Poppy, and Luna anxiously beg her to reveal the outcome.


Li glares at her sister and announces that it’s conclusive.

Refusing to hand it over, her sister snatches the results and reads them. Poppy looks on, stunned. Bill then grabs the paper to see for himself.


Luna asks what is is. Bill hands it over. It is two stripes. That means he’s her dad.

Luna hugs Bill. “My daughter!” Bill says.


Poppy tells her daughter she finally got her answer. This is unbelievable for Luna. Bill is beyond happy.

Li doesn’t understand. She was positive her sister was lying.

“You finally got what you always wanted,” sneers Li. She finally got a very rich man.


Poppy asks if she’s so bitter she can’t be happy. Bill thanks her for running the tests and suggests she leave.

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Li tells Luna she wanted to make sure for her sake and walks out.

Bill pulls the ladies together for the first official family hug. They all sob.


Luna is so excited she’s shaking. Bill jokes he thought he could only make boys.

Poppy is sorry she kept them apart all these years. She took a life together away from them and hopes they can forgive her.


Bill says that he’s the one who disappeared. Luna tells her mom not to ruin the moment or feel bad and hugs her.

Poppy tells Bill that she thought she lost him after their perfect night. For them to be parents now is a miracle. She’s never felt so much love.

“We have a daughter,” she says.

Bill says he was an idiot for not reaching out years ago. How could he not love her?


Beaming Bill smiles at his daughter again and reaches out to Poppy.


In the design office, RJ explains to Katie that Li is administering the paternity test. Luna may finally learn who her father is.


Katie worries about Li’s warnings that Poppy is a gold-digger.

They pace and wonder if this is bad news.

Li shows up and announces that Bill is Luna’s father. Katie gasps in shock.

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At Eric’s, Hope urges her mom to remind people of what she’s capable of and get back in the game. Ridge arrives and wonders what he just walked in on.


Brooke thanks him for defending Hope and her line. Hope thanks him too and says she will do all she can to prove it was the right decision.

He’s looking forward to that and asks for a moment with her mom.

Hope takes off and Brooke notices Ridge has a serious look. He says it’s a serious time.


They talk about what a big part of their lives Forrester Creations is. He likes the stuff doesn’t feel like work.

He just likes designing, not dealing with bills. He misses all that passion.

Brooke asks if he doesn’t want to be Co-CEO anymore.


He explains he’s stepping back from some of the work. Steffy will need someone to step in to help.

Eric and Carter are not options so he thinks that the only person qualified, capable, and respected enough to step in is her.


She’s gobsmacked when he asks her to help take the company into the future.


In the main office at Forrester, Steffy tells carter this is crazy. Her father insisted on keeping HFTF and now just wants to focus on the day to day.

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She likes collaborating with her dad and having him challenge her. Carter says he’s not going anywhere. He just wants to focus more on design.

Years ago, she would have jumped at running everything but now she has other things on her plate. Maybe he could help?


Carter is flattered but his COO duties have him working overtime. He will support whatever she wants to do.

He exits as Hope arrives. She assumes Steffy is still looking for a way to end her line.

She accuses her of having clouded judgment and trying to get back at the Logans.


Hope brings up how her mom used to run the company and how much it still pays dividends. She insists that her mom is an admired figure in the industry and will find her way back.

Steffy wonders if this is supposed to be intimidating. Hope declares the Logans are here to stay.


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