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Y&R Recap: After Alan and Martin’s Balcony Mishap, Ashley Decides to Seek Help at a Clinic for Her Childhood Trauma

Fri June 7, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Tucker arrives at Alan’s place just as Ashley attempts to flee from Martin, while Alan is desperately trying to break free from the […]

Fri June 7, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Tucker arrives at Alan’s place just as Ashley attempts to flee from Martin, while Alan is desperately trying to break free from the closet.

Thursday’s recap: Through hypnosis, Ashley finally discovers why her alters despise Tucker, just before she is attacked by Martin.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 7. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In Alan’s townhouse, Traci realizes that both he and Ashley have vanished.


Alan is tied up and gagged in a closet.


Traci is startled when Tucker unexpectedly shows up at the door.

He is surprised to see her and claims he came to see Alan.

When he inquires about her sister, she remains silent.

He mentions speaking to her on the phone and expresses concern, noting the fear in her voice.


Wandering in, he asks where her sister is again and then sits to wait.

He wants to know why Alan acted like he’s never seen him before when he bumped into him earlier.

Is she sure he can be trusted?


She and Ashley trust him completely. McCall notices she seems rattled and anxious.

She’s sarcastic and reluctant to explain anything.

He offers to get her sister anything she needs.

Traci says it’s not his place.


He’s not sure about that since this all started with him.

He brings up the fear he heard in Ashley’s voice again and she assures him she appreciates his care but he’s taking things out of context.

Her sister just needs time to process the memories Alan is dredging up.


Tucker thinks having her old friend as a therapist is a conflict of interest and the timing of all this is off.

He senses she is afraid and wonders why she won’t tell him where her sister and Alan are.

McCall can’t figure out when Alan treated him as a stranger.

It makes no sense. He feels like Alan’s work with Ashley is not what it appears to be.

Traci has to believe that everything is to a positive purpose.


When she asks about Audra, he admits they’ve hit a “snag.”

She continues refusing to tell him anything about her sister.

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Tucker knows this is not his business but it should be because he’s concerned about Ashley.

She reminds him it’s the middle of the night.

He can still care about her sister in the morning.


Looking around, he asks to say but she tries to show him the door.

He agrees to go but tells her she doesn’t have to help her sister alone. His mind won’t be at ease until he sees Ashley is okay.

When he asks why they are there so late, she tells him he’s being nosy.

Alan manages to sit up in the closet. Once he gets the gag off, he opens the door.

Martin drags Ashley down a hallway. She starts to come to as she remembers he’s Martin. She yells.


Before he can leave, Tucker and Traci hear Ashley yell.

They run upstairs and find her struggling to get away from Martin.

Alan rushes in after freeing himself, adding to the confusion.


He tells his brother he needs help and Martin declares that he is smarter than him and doesn’t need help.

Martin declares he only wants to be an only child.


The brothers wrestle in the hall until they spill onto the balcony.


They go over the edge and everyone rushes outside to find them.


Once back inside, they call the police.

Alan says that his brother probably saved his life. He landed on him.


Ashley shivers and wonders why Tucker is there.

He was worried and didn’t trust Alan after the run-in in the street.

He needs some explanations.

Alan suggests it would be best for him to go.

Tucker won’t leave her in his hands.

Traci says she will look after her sister and urges him to go and give his statement to the police.


Reluctantly, McCall goes, adding that he will be in Paris for a few days in case Ashley needs anything.


Ashley apologizes for this. Alan says she never could have known what would happen.

They always used to imitate each other but it’s not funny now.

He only hopes that Martin is at peace now. Traci offers to make calls for him.

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Alan is relieved he’s at peace now and it’s over.


Ashley says she’s putting her memories together and kind of understands what happened.


She explains that Martin was fine at first but his tone became darker and frightening as they discussed Tucker.


She saw the same rage in his eyes tonight that she saw that night.

He did something to do her but she doesn’t know what it was.

That’s when she started to confuse Tucker and Martin.

She doesn’t want to know more now.

This is breaking her sister’s heart.

Alan explains the alters emerged to protect her from what happened. She can see them in their white room that goes on for infinity.


She tells them about their different personalities and how they used to fight for control.

Miss Abbott wanted to take out Tucker and would have if she’d had more time.


She can’t believe they would have gone to such lengths.

Tucker always knew when something was off.

The ladies remember that Alan’s brother just died and ask how painful this must be for him.

He tells her what it’s like to be a twin.

His brother gradually became someone he couldn’t recognize.


He tried to help him but Martin rejected it. The way this ended was inevitable.

He’s just glad they can help Ashley get her life back.

Tucker returns to his hotel suite and has a drink.


He lays in bed but doesn’t sleep.

In the morning, he gets a call but refuses to talk business, hangs up and screams.


Alan and Traci take Ashley back to her apartment and urges her to get some sleep.


She’s wound up and can’t sleep.

Traci is impressed the police bought their story.

Alan isn’t surprised given his brother’s criminal record.

When Traci asks how he feels, he admits it will take some time and he feels guilty.

She urges him to be gentle with himself.


Ashley admits she’s not ready to head home.

Alan agrees and thinks she needs to continue the work.

They still don’t know what created the alters.

What happened with Martin just released them.


This could all be due to childhood trauma.

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That will mean more than a weekly visit to a therapist.

When he suggests she go to a clinic, she flatly refuses.


He explains he can have her admitted to one just outside the city that he works for that specializes in her problem.

Traci asks if it has to be so soon. He thinks the sooner the better.

Jack calls Traci to ask what’s happening with their sister. She wishes he was there.


Traci assures him their sister is fine.

Things are kind of resolved and Ashley has been finding answers she needs.

Jack is relieved. Hearing him makes her feel better.


He asks to speak to Ashley.

She apologizes for the problems she’s caused the family.

He tells her to forget that. He just wants her to be alright.


Ashley tells him that Alan wants her to go to a clinic.

She’s not sure she can handle it.

Jack assures her that she can do anything because she’s an Abbott.

He and their brother and sister will always be there for her.

Traci apologizes for babbling to Alan. He apologizes for bringing this pain and terror into their lives.


She says sometimes things happen that you can never predict or stop.

He’s given her sister peace again.

He feels like he has failed his family in the worst possible way.

She holds his hand.


Ashley shuffles back in and says the work has to continue.

She’s ready for it now.


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