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B&B Recap: Finn and Hope share a passionate moment, while Steffy tells Liam that Hope is trying to cause problems in her marriage.

Friday, June 7, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Finn grow closer and end up kissing, while Steffy tells Liam about the latest drama with Hope. Meanwhile, Brooke turns […]

Friday, June 7, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Finn grow closer and end up kissing, while Steffy tells Liam about the latest drama with Hope. Meanwhile, Brooke turns Ridge down.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Finn massages Hope after walking in on a fight between her, Steffy, and Bill. Meanwhile, Bill asks Poppy and Luna to move in.

Steffy gathers Kelly’s things during a break from work.

She tells Liam about the gluten-free snacks in the fridge for the kids.

Last time, she accidentally brought granola.


Liam tells her not to worry.

She seems frazzled and in a mood.

Steffy admits it’s because of Finn and Hope. She explains her desire to cut the HFTF line. Liam asks why Finn is involved.

She says he shouldn’t be. She loves him and knows he cares about people—too much. Since he defended Hope, Steffy thinks he needs to stay in his lane.


Liam disagrees but Steffy thinks she’s got it in her. The Logans always retaliate.

Liam asks if it’s because she encouraged Thomas to leave town. Steffy sighs.

If that’s the case, Liam says it’s wrong but he doesn’t see her doing it on purpose.

That’s not Hope. Steffy says it wasn’t Hope but she’s changed. “Girlfriend is off the rails,” she states.

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Liam thinks that’s rough enough to see her husband being torn between her and Sheila.

He calls it a bug in the relationship.

Liam assumes Sheila’s not finished trying to manipulate Finn.

Steffy groans that this whole thing is bringing Hope and Finn closer.

Hope’s getting in her husband’s head! Liam could see that Hope would think Sheila’s like Deacon but Steffy denies it. Sheila is a psycho.

Steffy’s theory is that Hope’s spending all that time with her husband means she’s trying to cause problems between her and Finn.


At the Forrester CEO office, Hope tells Finn his hand massage is helping.

He’s concerned she’s getting so many migraines.

She has been a bad patient not taking care of herself. She’ll try harder.

He massages her neck and she thanks him but doesn’t want to take time out of his busy schedule.


She suggests he take on massage therapy if he wants to switch careers.

He shrugs it off to pressure point therapy and offers to show her.

Then she won’t have to track him down.

He’s seriously concerned about her and is there if she needs more massages.

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As they talk she mentions how she doesn’t want to be a source of tension in his life.

Steffy wouldn’t like the idea of him offering her medical advice let alone speaking to her.

Finn understands but Steffy supports him. He thinks of them as friends and he cares about her.

She’s had a lot going on and can lean on her friends like him. If life is overwhelming, he’ll always be there for her.


They talk about her line and how Finn enjoys her social message that’s infused with it.

How could he not admire her. Hope seems flattered and looks down.

He thinks she fully embodies the line, Hope For The Future.

She touches her neck, which still hurts and Finn leans in and puts his hands on her neck and massages her.


He moves them to her face and they stare at each other before they lean in for a kiss.


They start making out.


At Eric’s place, Ridge thinks she, Steffy and him are a dream team. She hopes they can get along.

Ridge knows she’ll figure it out and he’ll help.

Brooke is flattered and it means a lot to her.

It’d be an honor and part of her wants to say yes but the timing is off.

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Ridge asks if this is about Steffy.

Brooke says partly. She thinks Steffy would have a problem with this since she’s targeting Hope.


It’d turn into a battlefield. Ridge thinks she’s being overdramatic.

Brooke doesn’t want to work with Steffy or threaten her.

Ridge isn’t pleased as she says she could be more effective behind the scenes.

She likes being valued though. He wonders how she makes him fall in love with her more each day.

She suggests they go home for some privacy. They hug and make out.


B&B spoilers for next week!

At Bill’s, Katie says to Bill and Poppy, “Look at you. A whole new family.”


Steffy asks Brooke, “You don’t find it strange that Hope is spending so much time with Finn?”


Hope whispers to Finn that she can’t stop thinking about him.

She rips his shirt open. They start making out.


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