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Y&R Recap: Adam is Offended by Victor and Victoria’s New Business Strategy, and Nikki Believes Victor is Using It to Punish Her

Tues June 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor unveils a new business strategy, Nikki confides in a friend, and Adam has a confrontation with Victoria. Monday’s recap: Ashley Bids Farewell […]

Tues June 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor unveils a new business strategy, Nikki confides in a friend, and Adam has a confrontation with Victoria.

Monday’s recap: Ashley Bids Farewell to Tucker Before Checking Into a Clinic, and Victor Assigns Special Tasks to Michael and Cole

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 11. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Lauren is relieved to see Nikki back, looking beautiful and healthy.

Nikki feels like herself again and apologizes for the abrupt voicemail she left before going to rehab.

Lauren knew something was seriously wrong that night.


Nikki says it was horrific but got her into treatment.

She feels on the other side taking it one day at a time.

They discuss Jack taking the pills that night and that she still wanted him as her sponsor, as did he, until Diane changed his mind.

Lauren can understand Diane’s feelings.

They can’t risk going to that extreme of Jack taking pills again. Nikki agrees.


Their closeness as friends worked against them.

Nikki says Victor feels the same.

He forbade her from seeing him, not that she’ll do his bidding.

They’re close friends and she still needs his support.

She misses Katherine and Neil, especially at points like this.

Lauren’s sure she’ll find another sponsor.


She asks what all of this means for Newman Media going forward.

Nikki expects in the next few months she’ll return. Lauren says she can’t sustain running two companies for long.

Nikki says she has another solution in mind — to ask Victoria to return. There is nobody else she’d trust.


At Crimson Lights, Adam finishes telling Nick all about his woes with not being able to see Connor.

Nick’s sorry and knows he wanted to be there with him.

Nick didn’t consider self-harm could have been a part of this.


Adam says he was freaking out that he punched himself in the face. It keeps him up at night.

It’s promising that Connor at least stopped and got help. Adam gets a notification on his phone and tells his brother that they did it.

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They got the contract they wanted. Nick exclaims happily and Adam says they need to celebrate.

Each man says they were summoned to the ranch and wonders what this is about.


At the ranch, Michael asks Victor why he wants him to keep tabs on Diane and have Cole befriend Kyle.

Victor won’t tell them why but they don’t want to go in blind.

Michael assumes this has to do with Jack Abbott.


Victor reminds them they agreed to the meeting and to make up for what they did with Jordan.

Cole says they still want to.

Victoria walks in before Victor can comment and asks what’s going on.

Victor lies and tells her that they are talking about Jordan.


They hope she’s out of their lives for good.

Cole and Michael take off so Victor can have a meeting with his kids.

Just then, Nick and Adam stroll in.

They all question why they’re there.


“What bomb are you about to drop?” Adam asks.

Victor assures there no bombs.

He wants to refocus their attention on business.

He asks if Victoria’s reconsidered returning to the company. Adam gives side eye.


Victor wants her back but she’s not sure she will.

She wants to be there for her kids and bring them together as a family.

Adam can understand that.

Victor asks if she can do but she doesn’t want to.


Adam assumes if she returns, he’ll be in the men’s room.

Victor sighs but Adam reminds him each time she returns, he’s the one cast aside.

Victoria snipes, “You’re always the victim, aren’t you?” Nick’s with Adam.

Victor says he’ll make Adam ahead of Newman Media.

Adam’s confused. Why?


Victor thinks he did a great job and Nikki’s focusing on getting better.

Victoria asks if she’d take Adam’s role but Victor’s not sure.

Adam still feels sidelined, like his dad’s not happy with his work.

“Did I say that?” Victor asks. Adam talks about being a solid team with Nick.

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They closed on the Mailer deal in fact, one that they’ve been trying to get for years.

Victor’s happy about it but Victoria thinks he’s making himself sound better at her expense, making a dig at her skills.

Nick agrees with Adam.

The company has never been more solid.


Adam asks why they should change anything that threatens the stability of the company.

Victor is proud of them. Nick assumes he hasn’t even talked to Mom about this.

Victor starts yelling and waving his hands.


He’s only wanted what’s best for this family. “Is that clear?” He yells.

Victoria thinks Adam should retain his current role and Mom should remain at Newman.

Adam thinks this is about him but Victoria thinks her mother keeping her job means it’ll help her recovery.

Adam agrees so she leaves. He tells his father that his son is recovering from a recent setback and goes to see Chelsea.

When Nick is alone with his dad, he asks what’s going on.


Victor doesn’t give him any new information and they rehash what just happened. Victor asks his son to encourage Victoria to return.

Nick worries that if Adam feels sidelined, there’s no telling how he’d react.

Nikki arrives and tells the men she wants Victoria to take over for her at Newman Media. Nick likes that idea rather than his father’s.

She asks what that was. They tell her about Adam stepping in and she becomes angry.


“That’s a terrible idea,” she exclaims. Victor disagrees.

Nick and Nikki agree that Victoria will leave when she returns but Adam will love being there and won’t want to.

She asks if he’s punishing her for choosing Jack as her sponsor.


At the Athletic Club, Michael and Cole drink to Victor’s wrath.

Michael mocks Victor and Cole asks the lawyer what Victor really wants from them.

Michael thinks it’s tied to Jack.

Cole thinks Victor might be sincere but Michael doubts that.

He heard rumblings that Kyle’s not happy with Diane being co-CEO when he thinks he’d do better.

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He goes on to talk about Jack being Nikki’s sponsor and breaking his own sobriety.

When Victor learned that Jack overdosed, it left Nikki vulnerable.

This means Michael assumes Victor wants vengeance.

Cole doesn’t want to be a part of a vendetta, especially when it involves his daughter.

What if he refuses? Michael says there’s no choice.


Then how does he handle this? Michael says to do as Victor wants. Kyle’s a good man. Cole agrees.

Michael admits there may come a time when Victor asks for something more insidious.

He’ll try to figure out what’s up in the meantime.

He takes off and Cole texts Vicky to get together.


Victoria turns up at the bar aa while l after and details to Cole about her meeting with family.

Cole asks her on a date.


Adam returns home to Sally who shows him some pillows she bought.

He tells her the place feels better already.

Her presence is the best change of all and he wants her to feel at home. She does.

Adam tells her about his meeting with his family.


She wonders if it’s a good thing to run Newman Media.

He’d have autonomy.

Adam agrees but he feels like a pawn in his father’s power play.

They discuss this and Adam worries he’ll be kicked out at Newman Media when Nikki wants to return.

He thought his dad was done with jerking him around. He sees him as a tool to be used.


Lauren meets Michael at Crimson Lights. He tells her he’s in a big pickle with Victor.

Lauren wants to shake the man and doesn’t want him involved in trouble. Michael says it’s too late.

He’s targeting Jack. There’s a war brewing.


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