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B&B Recap: Steffy Finds Finn and Hope Together and Demands an Explanation, While Bill Introduces Liam to His New Family

Monday June 10, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Bill assists Poppy and Luna in moving into his home, while Katie and Carter discuss Bill’s new family. Meanwhile, Steffy vents to […]

Monday June 10, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Bill assists Poppy and Luna in moving into his home, while Katie and Carter discuss Bill’s new family. Meanwhile, Steffy vents to Liam about Hope.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Finn and Hope share a passionate moment, while Steffy tells Liam that Hope is trying to cause problems in her marriage.

At Bill’s place, he helps Poppy and Luna bring in their belongings. He’s thrilled to have a daughter, Luna is excited to have a dad, and Poppy is happy that they finally get to be a real family.


The ladies are thrilled to be living there now.

Previously, they were living in tiny rentals.

Poppy hopes to fill their new home with lots of love.

Luna is eager for all the father-daughter fun ahead.


He loves her calling him “dad” and hugs her.

Bill tells them their presence is worth their weight in gold.

Poppy is grateful and kisses him.


Bill takes them on a tour of the mansion.

They are impressed and keep thanking him.

Luna thinks the place is beyond awesome but she would live anywhere with them.

Bill decides it’s time she meet one of her brothers.

At the cliff house, Liam tells Steffy he doubts Hope is trying to create problems between her and her husband.

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Steffy decides to stop venting about Hope, but asks if he really believes she has nothing to worry about concerning her?

She complains about Hope promoting a relationship between Finn and Sheila.


Steffy worries that Hope bonding with her husband is her enemy trying to get under her skin.

She really wants Hope to back off and stop putting her husband in risky situations.


He hopes the old rivalry is not being rekindled.

He gets a text from Bill summoning him to the house.

Before he can go, he urges her to stop worrying about this.


She wants to but Hope is getting on her nerves.

At Bill’s, Poppy and Luna realize she is no longer an only child.

Bill promises that all her siblings will love her and all will be great.

Liam arrives and asks why he has been summoned.


His father introduces him to Poppy and Luna.

Liam shakes their hands.


Bill explains that they have confirmed Luna is his half-sister.

Liam’s stunned.


In the Forrester Creations office, Hope and Finn continue to make out.


She snaps out of it.

It was just a fantasy.

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Finn tells her how much he admires her and how she embodies the name of her line.

Hope’s eyes dart around.

She starts drinking water and explains she didn’t expect to feel this way.


He asks if the throbbing is getting worse because she’s looking flushed.

She drinks more water and waves this off.

He wonders what’s going on in her head.


He thinks they should get to the bottom of what’s bothering her.

She pushes her hair around.

Finn wants to help her and she starts patting her face.


She explains that she is feeling something and rambles about her relationship with Thomas and how Liam was not always true.

Liam was good, but not true to her. Thomas was true, but not always good.

Finn proved to her that a man can be both. She wants the whole package.


He promises there are great guys out there for her and she deserves to be appreciated.

Maybe he could set her up with someone?

Taking his hand, she thanks him for that.


Steffy walks in and demands to know what she just walked in on.

“Answer me Hope! Answer me!” Steffy repeats.


In the design officeat Forrester Creations, Carter and Katie are going over numbers but she clearly has something on her mind.

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She admits she’s having a hard time wrapping her head around something involving Bill.

He’s taken aback when she announces Bill has a daughter.

She vaguely fills him in on why the mother avoided telling him for decades.


Eventually, she tells him it’s Luna. Carter is baffled.

Katie points out that Will is the only child Bill has known since birth.

They wonder if he will like having a sister.

Carter asks what she thinks of Poppy.


She doesn’t know. Luna turned out well.

Katie reminds him she and Bill haven’t been together for a long time. Her last relationship was with Carter.

Carter still wonders how she feels about him having a child with another woman.

With some prodding, she admits she’s not sure how to feel.

It doesn’t really affect her, but she wonders about Will have a sibling.

“And Bill having another baby mama,” adds Carter.


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