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Y&R Recap: Victor informs Adam that he needs his help at Newman Media to eliminate a rival, while Summer admires Sally’s work.

Wed June 12, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor urges Nick to persuade Victoria to return to work, Cole invites Kyle out for a beer, and Sally encourages Summer to re-hire […]

Wed June 12, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor urges Nick to persuade Victoria to return to work, Cole invites Kyle out for a beer, and Sally encourages Summer to re-hire Chloe.

Tuesday’s recap: Adam is Offended by Victor and Victoria’s New Business Strategy, and Nikki Believes Victor is Using It to Punish Her

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 12. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the GCAC, Cole invites Victoria to dinner and assures her that he won’t take offense if she declines.


She agrees, finding the idea of dinner with her long-divorced ex-husband somewhat charming.

He sets a pick-up time for seven, and she walks away.

Cole recalls Victor’s warning to stay away from Victoria and his subsequent request to befriend Kyle.


At the Abbott estate, Kyle watches as Claire and Harrison do a puzzle.


When he joins them, the kid says Claire is cool. He’s glad she comes there. So is Kyle.

His son tells him about turtles and the book they read about butterflies.


Harrison needs some ice cream.

Claire, Harrison, and Kyle go to the park. They talk about ice cream flavors until she spots her father.


He joins them and reminds Harrison who he is.

He makes some small talk with Kyle and talks about how important it is to spend time with your kids.

He suggests that he and go out and grab a beer to talk about work-life balance.


They ask him to join them for ice cream but he has to get ready for his date with her mother.


After he leaves, Claire can’t hide how happy she is that her parents could be getting back together.

They make each other happy. They are taking it slow.

Kyle says it took his parents years and years and it was very messy.

She recalls how this all started with her luring them to their doom. The last thing she deserves is her dreams coming true.

He’s sure her parents feel otherwise. They wonder about her dad asking him out for a beer.

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They assume he’s checking up on her boss. Claire has no complaints.


At his penthouse, Adam beats himself up for constantly dragging Sally into his problems.

He wants her to feel comfortable telling him when enough is enough.


She wants to be his sounding board for the good and the bad.

She knows how hard it is for him to share his feelings.

He loves everything about her.

They kiss until there is a knock at the door.


He doesn’t think they should answer because it might be trouble.

It could be members of his family coming to browbeat.

They keep knocking. Sally explains she’s expecting someone.

He opens up. It’s Summer. Adam tells her Sally is great hire and decides to go.


She asks after Connor. He says they are hopeful and she tells him they are all rooting for them.

Adam thanks her and takes off.

Sally says that was nice. Summer feels for her uncle.

She may barely tolerate him but has nothing but compassion about the Connor situation.

Spectra tells her he feels thinks as deeply as anyone.


They sit and talk about the latest draft designs. Summer is impressed by them.

She’s glad she kept Chelsea’s basic aesthetic but added a lot of unique touches. Sally says it all felt right.

Summer thinks she is talented. Sally admits that she ran them past Chloe for suggestions.


Her boss guesses she’s warning her up for a question.

Spectra knows that Chloe is “a little sensitive” but she would like to bring her in as her number two.

They don’t have a lot of time to finish the collection.

Summer knows they need all hands on deck but doesn’t want any conflict.


Sally assures her there won’t be any and she will deal with Chloe. Summer will consider re-hiring her.

As she goes, she tells Spectra that this was surprisingly easy. They might actually make this work.

Once she’s gone, Sally thanks god and squeaks that she’s back.


At the ranch, Nikki asks Victor if he is trying to punish her for bringing Jordan into their lives and turning to Jack as her sponsor.

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He does hold Jack responsible and claims he just wants to help her.


She tells him this isn’t helping and storms off.

Victor tells Nick that Nikki will eventually embrace his plan.

He doesn’t want her to have any pressure. He wants her to recover.

Nick agrees she should take some time off, but the way he’s doing this could suggest he has no confidence in her.


Victor is determined to make sure she understands.

He asks his son to convince Victoria to return to work.

His son reminds him he could just appoint her to Newman Media.

That’s not what Victor wants.


He’s sure that Adam returning to Newman Media would be a smooth transition.

None of this makes sense to his son. He and Adam are finally working well together and now he wants to switch it up.

Victor insists he knows what he’s doing and Nick agrees to talk to his sister.


Nikki stops by the tack house to check on her daughter.

They chat about how great Claire is doing at her new job.


Victoria is pretty cheerful herself most of the time.

Although her dad is pressuring her to come back to the company.

She’s already turned him down but she’s not sure that’s what she wants.

Part of her misses the energy and purpose of work.

She’s always had trouble balancing that with her personal life.


This is not the time to think about going back.

Nikki suspects that Claire urging her to return to work is the wise idea.

She adds that she was going to ask her to step in at Newman Media.


It’s better than Victor’s idea of installing Adam.

They are sure it would be impossible to get him out.

Making tea, Victoria wonders why her father is always creating chaos.

Everything has settled down so why can’t he be content?


Trying to figure out his motives is exhausting, but Nikki is sure that part of it is that he’s angry at her for her drinking.

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Her daughter thinks she’s overreacting.

Nikki wants stability and routine but her husband is just making drama.


Nick shows up and his sister prompts him to tell them what their dad is up to.

He has no idea what Victor is up to. But he does think that he’s doing this for Nikki’s benefit.


He admits that having Adam go back to Newman Media makes no sense.

Nikki is sure that Victor must know this will all end in chaos. She asks her daughter to consider coming to Newman Media.


Victor finds Adam at Society and wants to talk about his job idea again.


Adam suggests that he put Victoria in Newman Media and is sure his father has some goal in mind.

He asks what this is really about.


Victor warns that what he is about to say must stay between them.

Once Adam gives his word, his father says that he’s an ally, not a pawn. He needs Newman Media to destroy an enemy.

He needs someone in charge who is as ruthless as he is. Adam smiles.


When Summer gets to the Abbott estate to take her son out for ice cream, he tells her that he just had some with Claire and Kyle.


The kid hugs Claire and thanks her for the best day ever.

Harrison runs upstairs and Claire thanks the parents for the job before exiting.

Kyle senses Summer is still struggling with this.


She claims she has no problem with Claire. It just took her a minute to calm down.

How can she object to someone who makes Harrison happy?

That’s the most important thing.

But she does feel a twinge about her son being so close to the nanny.

Kyle assures her they will always be the mommy and daddy.


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