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B&B Recap: Steffy commands Finn to keep his distance from Hope, while Brooke inquires whether Hope has feelings for Steffy’s husband.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Luna get to know each other, Steffy is furious, and Katie congratulates Poppy. Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy Finds Finn […]

Wednesday, May 1, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Luna get to know each other, Steffy is furious, and Katie congratulates Poppy.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy Finds Finn and Hope Together and Demands an Explanation, While Bill Introduces Liam to His New Family

Steffy walks into her office and discovers Finn and Hope holding hands.

She demands an explanation.


“What did she just walk in on? “Tell me, Hope.”

Finn glances at Hope in surprise, and Hope appears offended by the question.

Steffy slams her bag on the table as Finn explains to his wife that they were just talking.


Steffy knows what Hope’s doing.

She’s becoming a bad influence on Finn.

Hope bursts into laughter and seems confused.


Steffy tells her to back off. “Stay away from my husband.”

Finn doesn’t get it so she tells him he’s encouraging her to let Sheila into his life.

Hope defends Finn who has a mind of his own and Steffy restates that she needs to stay away from her man.

Finn feebly tries to defend Hope until she gets the hint and tells them she doesn’t want to get him into any more trouble.

She’ll let them work this out alone but suggests Steeffy focus on Finn. “You’re lucky to have a compassionate husband.”

She goes and Finn asks what that was about. Steffy glares.


At Eric’s mansion, Eric encourages Brooke to step up with Ridge at Forrester.

Brooke wants to but doesn’t want to cause tension for Steffy.

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Donna asks Katie for her thoughts.

She’s distracted and admits she got a shock today. She tells everyone that Wil has a new half-sister.

Eric leans in, “Wait. Bill has a daughter?”


Brooke and Donna’s eyes and mouths widen at the surprise.

They want to know how Katie feels about it.


Brooke asks if it changes things for her, wondering if she wants her ex back now that she knows Bill has a daughter.

Katie thinks on that and then says she doesn’t know Poppy but Luna’s lovely.

They all agree. Katie has questions for Bill so she heads over.


At Bill’s mansion, Liam’s in shock that he has a sister. Bill says they have the test results to prove it.

“Wow,” Liam says.

Poppy knows it’ll take time to process.


Luna’s excited by the news and grins widely at Liam when he welcomes her to the family.

Liam had a feeling when his dad texted him.


“I knew!” Poppy restates everything Bill has just told Liam, who is glad his father gets to know how amazing it is to be a girl dad.

He’s looking forward to spoiling his little sister. Luna’s thrilled.

Liam can see how happy his father is and admits he’s usually tight-lipped.

Not about Poppy with whom he’s crazy about. Poppy says the feeling is mutual and she loves Bill more now that they share a child together.

They embrace and the kids smile brightly.

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In the design office, Hope paws through some jewelry as she flashes back to her talk with Finn.

Brooke arrives with news about Luna and shares that Dollar Bill is her dad.

Hope’s surprised but distracted. Brooke notices and asks what’s up.


Hope’s happy for Luna but admits she is thinking about Finn.

She worries about him and feels like he doesn’t have much of a voice in his marriage.

He’s so amazing. Brooke agrees.

Hope doesn’t think he should feel bad about having a big heart and nobody’s questioning his devotion to Steffy.


Hope starts yelling that she doesn’t get why Finn should constantly have to justify himself.

Brooke asks where she’s going with this.

Hope doesn’t think Steffy appreciates what she has in Finn.


Brooke reminds her daughter that Finn and Steffy are married, and Steffy’s Ridge’s daughter.

She needs to respect that. Hope knows.

Brooke asks her to be honest with her and with herself.

“Are you having feelings for Steffy’s husband?”


Back in the CEO office, Steffy reminds Finn they agreed not to let someone come between them. He says not to be so hard on Hope.

They could have discussed this if she was a little more chill. “Chill?” Steffy asks.


She calls Hope a victim who acts like everything that’s gone wrong in her life is her fault.

“You need to stop before ever defending Hope again,” Steffy declares.

She loves him and knows he’s kind and cares about people.

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He insists he cares about her and the kids more than anyone. She calls him too caring. “You have an issue with that?”

She denies it but has one with Hope and Sheila trying to manipulate him.

He doesn’t see the connection but she tells him he went to the memorial and wedding with Hope.

Finn asks what his wife’s point is. She figures the less he sees of Hope the better.


Bill and Liam are gone while Luna and Poppy talk in the house about their happiness. Luna thanks her mom for everything. Poppy hopes her new life is amazing.

Luna calls the new life icing on the cake. Katie walks in as Poppy tells her daughter she’s Bill Spencer’s daughter and living in his estate. Katie slams the door.

Poppy guesses she heard the news.


Katie was looking for Bill but Luna says he and Liam have a meeting. Katie congratulates them on the news.

Luna’s so happy her questions about her paternity have finally been answered.


Luna can’t wait to meet Will.

Katie mentions that they’re living there.

Poppy says yes and that Liam gave them their blessing. She hopes Katie will too.


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