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Glory Was Found in a Horrifying State

Glory was found in a horrifying state, her leg rotted and infested with maggots. Abandoned and left to suffer, this innocent dog was a victim of terrible animal cruelty. In a desperate […]

Touching Reunion After Three Years

Giorgi Berejiani’s pet dog, Jorge, went missing from their house in Tbilisi, Georgia, three years ago — yet the tie of love between them was never broken. The love and bond that […]

Why Did the Dog Fall Into This Scene

The Little Dog Who Taught Us About Love, Strength, and Determination Today, I want to tell you the story of a small dog named Ronaldinho. Although small in appearance, he had great […]

A Little Puppy Had Been Abandoned in the Bag

Last week, Lien, one of our dedicated rescuers, stumbled upon a moving bag on her way home from the supermarket in Can Tho, Vietnam. Feeling like there was an animal inside, she […]

Pregnant Dog Left Alone in the Pouring Rain

Merica’s life was one of loneliness and neglect. She was chained up in the harsh Texas elements, with owners who were cruel and unkind. When her litters kept dying, they deemed her […]